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Welcome to my world..

Although I’m a big fan of brevity in terms of wit, I can’t say I’m too fond of the concept anywhere else. So short introductions are my kryptonite.. But here goes nothing!


I’m a life long east coaster, so the Big Apple has been home for quite some time. I moved here for college and could never quite get away- there’s something to be said about the excitement of possibility that electrifies the city. Here, anything can happen, at any time. And usually when you least expect it! Funny how life happens like that, isn’t it?


Although I hold two degrees, I’ve always found the school of life to be the most interesting— how cheesy is that? People, places, experiences.. these are the real things that have made me who I am, have taught me the things I cherish, that continue to light my life aflame.


I love the excitement of a crush, learning how to make someone laugh or feel cherished, spending time with people who teach and show me the world! My love language is certainly to give, and time is the most important gift of all!


So won't you join me on this adventure and give me the pleasure of a magical new story, a new journey to embark on, a new chapter for just the two (hey, or three..) of us? I can't wait to meet you...


Until then, XOXO 


All About Allie

 5'8 125 lbs


Blue-grey eyes

All natural

American born; German/Irish descent

College educated



Get to know me..

Meet and greet              || 1 hour - 800

A Lingering Kiss..           || 2 hours - 1600 *preferred first date

Snacks & Drinks            || 3 hours - 2400

Dinner Date                   || 4 hours - 3000

A Night on the Town      || 5 hours - 3600

Can't Resist (Overnight)  || Up to 12 hr - 5000

*Incall incurs +$200 fee

Dates over. 3 hours must include some sort of activity- food or drinks is a good start!

Little Details..

  • Screening is mandatory; that and everything to follow is treated with the utmost discretion. With that in mind, feel free to always be open and candid with your desires!

  • Donations should be left in a clearly marked envelope in the bathroom so that the date can begin seamlessly; please do not make me ask.

  • In date extensions +$1000, provided timing allows

  • I love women and am very happy to accommodate couples or invite a friend. Please inquire! 

  • I only accept cash for first time dates.

Extended Time

Please reach out regarding longer dates and interest from other cities! 

Get in Touch

To contact me, please fill out the form or text or email me at the information provided below.



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